Build a Home DaycareAre you patient? Loving? Creative? Rent a room or transform several rooms of your home into a child-friendly environment. Call the Dept of Social Services to register for Family Childcare Home Orientation @ (951)782-4200. Pass a first aid training class, get fingerprinted and file for a license. with the State.  Click here for more information.

Create a Community Class     Are you an expert in a subject? Computers? Music? Cooking? Dance? Horses? Math? Do you have an idea for a unique class? Fill out the paperwork from the Chino Hills Recreation Center. After an interview and approval through the city you can be a Contract Instructor and keep 60% of your revenue.  Contact the Recreation Department with the city.

Teach Adult School Do you have a bachelors and a teaching credential? Look into the local districts to see if they are in need of teachers for GED classes or ESL. You might be able to work evenings or even a local Mommy & Me class (though your children are not permitted to attend class with you as the teacher)!
Check out or call (909)469-2333

Teach an Adjunct ClassDo you have a Masters degree? Do you have Saturday mornings available or an evening or so a week open? Consider taking your expertise into the classroom. Look into local Junior Colleges to see what job options they have available. Check out Mt.Sac.

Sell Lesson PlansAre you a former teacher? Do you just have great ideas for teaching children, any age? Consider joining a FREE website like and selling your lessons.

Host a fruit or vegetable booth at the Farmer's MarketDo you have orchards of fruit trees or acres of garden? (Just a few fruit trees is not worth the paperwork.) Apply for a certification through the state and county. Contact Joe Honescko at the Chino Hills Recreation Center for more information (714)329-6755.

Host a booth at a Community eventDo you enjoy making crafts? Sign up to rent a booth and have a one-day business license at the community 4th of July event or Easter Egg Hunt. The cost for rental begins at $40.

Build your own websiteDo you have a basic knowledge of cutting, pasting, creating fonts & downloading pictures? Use a web program like on your PC and create a website for as little as $5 a month (program presently not compatable with MACs). If you have a product to sell use a website like to build your online store. Advertise and sell from home. Be sure to acquire a business license and Work at Home permit.

Ebay BusinessDo you have a basic knowledge of the internet? Do you like to shop Yard Sales? Do you have items of value you don't want any more? Register for a Business License, Work at Home Permit & a Resellers License. Check out "Ebay for Dummies" at the library.

EcoBusiness Work from home part-time helping other moms create healthy home environments for their families.  If you have a computer and the desire to help others save money and improve their family's health using "green" technology, this may be the opportunity for you to bring in extra income from home.  No selling or in- home parties just share some incredible technology with other moms like you.

Heritage MakersDo you enjoy scrapbooking? Do you like to work with computers? Do you have about $99 to purchase a start-up kit? Heritage Makers is an online publishing company. It is commissioned based. You have the option of hosting "parties" or working one on one with people. .

Juice PlusDo you have a concern for your family's nutrition? Check out what it takes to work for this great company. More coming soon...

Mary KayDo you enjoy cosmetics? Do you have a few evenings and weekends available to host cosmetic parties or make-overs? Do you have some extra money and space to purchase and store inventory?

AvonDo you enjoy cosmetics but don't have space to store inventory or money to purchase a start-up kit? For only $10 you can join this 120-year old business. or

Business4TotalWellnessDo you want a safer and healthier home?  This company sells vitamins, fitness products, yummy foods and eco friendly cleaning products that really do work better than the national brands, and save you money too!  Just $29 to start. There is no need to store inventory, take orders, or have product parties. Contact

Mo La La Boutique Join in twice a year when this seasonal business comes to town. For only $11 you can put your new or gently used baby items up or sale in this cute boutique. Details here

Become a Mystery ShopperDo you enjoy shopping and eating out several times a week? Sign up online to become a Mystery Shopper through a company such as Trendsource. There is no sign-up fee! There genuinely is savings to be had through this line of work.

Create your own home secretarial serviceContact local businesses like accountants, realtors, teachers etc. to see if they might hire you out on a task-by-task basis. Be offical by acquiring a Business License and Work at Home Permit.

Write for magazinesCheck out a copy of THE WRITER'S MARKET for a list of magazine publishers and their current needs such as:

Family FunSend original crafts, recipes and clever solutions to common family problems to or your unique family traditions to

HighlightsSend fiction, nonfiction, verse, crafts, word or picture puzzles  for children up to age 12.
Click to see guidelines here.

Reader's DigestEmail your funniest original jokes and humorous true stories to here.

SpiderSend original crafts, recipes, poems, puzzles, activities and stories for children ages 6-9.
Click to see guidelines here.

Write for Greeting Card Companies

Blue Mountain ArtsSend in your funniest, most sincere, original greeting card sayings. Click to see guidelines here.

List of Possible Business Start-up Fees

Business License Fee $52/yr

Fictious Name Statement   $40

Home Occupation Permit  $115

Publishing of Fict.Name $35-$100 depending on the newspaper

PO Box fee $44/year

Great Company Banking

Comercia has no fees for use of their Business Account services.

PayPal is an easy way to accept credit cards for your business online. The cost is about 3% of your sales.
Work at Home