Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
4201 Eucalyptus Ave.   
Chino, CA 91710    

Chino Valley Community Church
14601 Peyton Drive  
Chino Hills, California 91709  
(909) 606-4848

St.Paul the Apostle Catholic Church
14085 Peyton Dr.
Chino Hills, CA. 91709
Phone: (909) 465-5503 

King's Kids is a class for children with special needs. Our room is purposefully created to meet the diverse needs of these special children. The classroom is staffed with loving, patient volunteers who are waiting to show Jesus' love to each one of them.

Children with special needs are assigned adult shadows that help them integrate into the regular Sunday School classrooms. 

Catechism classes for children with disabilities.  


Changing A Mind - The award winning documentary follows the remarkable journey back from Down Syndrome for 5 children.

This multiservice center provides programs and services to meet the needs, goals and hopes of individuals with special needs.

Known for setting the gold standard for creating Assistance Dog placements for children, and are leaders in bringing new research and ideas to this area. Books, tapes, and on-air network presentations are helping spread awareness of how to successfully integrate a trained dog into what otherwise might be a difficult environment. 


Changing A Mind

The Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families
4164 Brockton Ave. (1st Floor)
Riverside, Ca. 92501
(951) 683-5193

The North Star Foundation
20 Deerfield Lane
Storrs, CT 06268


Orthodontic Treatment
14516 Pipeline
Chino, Ca.

Mental Therapy/Counseling
Pediatric Therapy Associates
14772 Pipeline Avenue, Ste. A 
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Dr.Feather treats all patients, however, the doctor specializes in those with severe birth defects of the face and teeth and those with special medical needs.

We are an interdisciplinary practice of Pediatric Therapists. Our focus is the Child, Developing the Whole Child and ensuring the child’s return to the highest functional skills possible, is given the top priority. 
We offer state of the art therapeutic intervention and assessment techniques that include Sensory Integration Therapy, Interactive Metronome – a computerized audio-visual feedback therapy to improve synchronized timing in the brain, and Integrated Listening Systems – a multi-sensory program to improve brain functions. Our ‘Sensory Gym’ is equiped to offer the ‘just right sensory challenge’ and enhance function through meaningful play. 
Email or call (909) 606-0886 for information.

The Challenger Division plays at the new Chino Hills Community Park @ Peyton & Eucalyptus. The group is open to any child attending school or in academic training in the CVUSD. 

Big Fun is a nationally recognized program that is the ultimate playgrough for children with special needs. Big Fun offers excitement, discovery, and self-confidence within a safe and nurturing environment.  Students are carefully matched with instructors that are sensitive to their needs.

The City of Chino offers this course for autistic children. Contact them for class times.

The Fun for All playground is a universal playground designed to be accessible to everyone, from rambunctious, able-bodied children to those using wheelchairs and walkers, and those with vision or hearing loss. Smooth ramps lead to slides, supportive hard-backed swings can accommodate even paralyzed children, and sensory fun includes tiny pianos and walls where youngsters can push noisy buttons and feel textures. Cushioned rubber surfaces allow wheelchairs to roll up to equipment

Sensitive Sweets is a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery and facility. All of our freshly baked bread, cookies, cupcakes, and custom cakes are allergy-friendly (FREE of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts).

AYSO 779 Soccer Division 779 is played at the Chino Hills Community Park @ Peyton & Eucalyptus. The group is open to any child attending school or in academic training in the CVUSD. 

To the Pointe offers a variety of classes for children with disabilities:
*3-6 yrs. Intro to Movement class
*7+ yrs. Jazz Dance class
*Adult (14+ yrs.) Social Dancing Class
*Karate ages 7+

Canyon Hills League Baseball District 23
Challenger Division
Patrice Toyota
(909) 591-5562

Big Fun Gymnastics

Martial Arts for Kids with Autism
Combined Martial Science, Inc. Staff
13611 12th St. , Unit A, Chino

Prado Regional Park Playground
16700 Euclid Av., Chino
(909) 597-4260

Sensitive Sweets Bakery
17431 Brookhurst St. Fountain Valley, CA.

Ayso 779 Soccer Division 779 VIP Teams
Kim Eddings
(909) 606-9326

To the Pointe Dance Productions
Studio: (909) 628-4242 
Cell: (909) 518-6177

Celebral Palsy Resources by State. For Families by Families.

Language Learning Tools for Your Autistic or Language Delayed Child.

Joni and Friends International Disability Center
This center serves the residents of Orange County, providing an array of free services and programs, including classes such as orientation and mobility and independent living skills, library services, a Vistas shop, youth programs and other benefits. 
Open M-F from 8:30-5pm.

Reading is the foundation to all learning. Using brain-based and multi-sensory teaching methods, struggling readers develop skills that support a lifetime of learning. All instruction is one-on-one with a professional trained to work with dyslexia, poor comprehension and other reading challenges. Instruction in all subjects and ability levels is available for grades PreK-12. Call now and put an end to reading problems! or (909) 606-4863.
Braille Institute of OC
527 North Dale Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801

The Brain Zone
Reading & Tutoring Center
4053 Bayberry Dr.
Chino Hills, Ca. 91709



DSALA (Down Syndrome 
Association of Los Angeles)
16461 Sherman Way, Suite 180 
Van Nuys, California

Support Groups
Ups for Downs is the local support group in connection with DSALA. Contact DSALA for information on events. 
Challenged Child